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"...clean water should be a basic human right and not a privilege for those with means..."

Add clean air to that statement, as well.


This very statement is why I despise those politicans who wish to abolish the EPA entirely.  How crazy is that?   Rich, poor, skinny, fat, black, white, etc, we ALL have the basic right to clean water and air.   The EPA ensures (I hope) we have those things.  Any politician who advocates getting rid of the EPA basically has a suicide wish,  in my book.


I heard that segment on NPR as well and I found it very poignant.  Imagine having to tell your kid to make sure you get a receipt because otherwise people might assume you would steal the item based on your race.   So sad.  However, where I work, I frequently see a lot of people, mostly white young men, tell me, oh, I don't want the receipt and refuse to take the receipt, or they crumple it up and throw it away before they even leave the store.   That's pretty stupid, to me.  At least wait until you exit the store to toss the receipt.   Additionally, NEVER try to return something without a receipt.   I had a family member back in the early 90s who tried to return an article of clothing (brand new, with tags) without a receipt at JCPenney, in a bag, and the store detective immediatelly accused her of shoplifting and had her arrested.    So take it from me, ALWAYS hang on to your receipt, and don't try to return something without one. 




2 years, 11 months ago on Get a Bag and a Receipt: When Social and Environmental Justice Collide


Just finished reading it on my Kindle.  I enjoyed reading it.  How cool was that that the Kindle version was already released but the hardback doesn't come out until June?  I've preordered a copy of the hardback as well;  after reading how the publisher tried to make it plastic free, I'm curious to see what it looks like.    Interesting fact I saw:  the book is printed in China....You know, whenever I read on a product that 's "environmentally friendly" or "printed on recycled paper" and then I see that the product was made in China, it always leaves me wondering if I can trust that the product's label is reliable....still gonna buy the hardback anyway.   Did you know on the Kindle, the total page count came out to something like 7,000 pages....took a while to download.    The picture quality of the photos in the book came out really nice on the Kindle Fire.  I'm curious if the photos in the hardback are in color as well or black and white.  

      Anyway, I'm glad I bought the book.  It's a keeper and I don't say that about many books.  Good reference book, too.   I wonder how long it took to write it?   I was also really impressed back the way you researched it and your use of footnotes;  so many environmental books lack the footnotes, which I think tend to lend credibility to a book.

2 years, 11 months ago on Plastic Free -- How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too


I didn't get the point of the clip...what was the host yammering on about, environmental justice?   What did Beth's segment have to do with it at all?  I kept wondering both of those things while I watched the clip, until Beth, not the host, put two and two together, about how plastic harming other people linked to the social justice aspect.   Is this a regular show on the environment?  Because I thought it was kind of boring until Beth's clip came on the screen.   What was whole point of the conversation anyway?   And why did the host pick Beth because plastic wouldn't seem like an obvious  connection to social justice.  I thought they should have interviewed that white haired guy from the film "Tapped", the ex-Texas EPA THERE'S someone who really could have given the host a mouthful on the social injustices of people having to live next to an oil refinery. 

     But, wow, Beth did a great job....did you prepare you remarks in advance?  I would have been so nervous in front of the camera, buth Beth comes across like a pro, like she's been doing it forever!   Kudos on  livening up an otherwise very dull clip!  :o)

2 years, 11 months ago on What I Should Have Said to Melissa Harris-Perry: We Are the Albatross