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Hi Gini,


The fact is if someone has a local pastry business (like I see here in my village) what do they care about the millions of people in China or Brazil who could find their site?

They have an established clientèle with a big name in the area and people line up around the block to buy their cakes on Sunday.


I don't think blogging is for everyone. Yes, it's a powerful tool, as long as the business is ready to deliver the goods to an international audience which it will attract.


Can blogging be more powerful than calling people? Not so sure, a lot of clients still prefer to talk to a human being. 


I think it really depends on the business model and the type of business you are in.


P.s Love my new MacBook Air, just need to really use Dropbox becoz the memory is tiny! 





3 years ago on Is Blogging Dead or Are Companies Not Trying Hard Enough?