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Not sure I agree. If they let Sandoval go, Posey wouldn't have to be open to playing "some" third base, as the Giants would not have a third baseman. I am not sure Sabean wants to rely on a plan that shifts his very valuable catcher to third base and bring in Susac to replace him. At least not next year. That's why I think he only offered 3 years to begin with. 

Honestly if Sandoval only wants 5 years, I do not think it's crazy to go that long with him. By then you should know where Posey is going to have to be to take care of him, if his knees are holding up from catching, etc.

1 year ago on Giants might not have room for Pablo Sandoval


It's pretty sad. They post a lot of nonsense on their twitter. The one that really did it for me was when they started pushing another twitter designed to have female Giants fans show pics of their boobs. When I called them on how they shouldn't sink that low, they claimed the twitter was a good cause in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. When I then pointed out the twitter account made no such claim, they responded "It does now!" But it didn't. I still follow them and they still follow me, but it's only a matter of time.

1 year, 11 months ago on The Melkmen have officially soured on BASG