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Wait a minute, wait a minute @ginidietrich. Am I missing something or couldn't the faster rates of adoption of mobile devices over pcs/macs/laptops be because the same group (which is a minority) of early adopters keep trading in the old smartphones for the new, while us mainstream majority folks are holding on to our laptops longer? This is as bad as the news I got in 2008 that printed newspapers were dead, followed closely in 2009 that the paper hardcover book was dead. Still reading both in print and enjoying it.  

2 years, 12 months ago on The Web Is Dead! Long Live Smartphones!


Agreed Gini, but having worked in corporate America, I don't have much faith or trust in them anymore. Profits first. It's ironic, this foolish action. Had they put people/ethics before profits in the day-to-day decisionmaking, they'd see long-term gains and sustainability. This short-term tactic of lying/sweeping under rug to keep current profits intact only shortchages companies, by shuttering a consequence into the future, only making the financial impact that much greater and the reputational impact insurmountable.

3 years ago on The PR Nightmare for Walmart