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@ProvenceAgent Great question! Banks still do the loan financing and debt behind deals on the site. Coming from the tech sector, where VCs are eager to fund the best and brightest starting out, the real estate sector stands in stark contrast as a completely different beast. 

PE firms, Pension Funds, and other institutional money is typically interested in large scale already completed projects that fit inside a certain box. 

In just one month we have found dozens of fantastic entrepreneurs with exciting real estate projects. Its not the case that they have been turned down by institutional investors, its that institutional investors don't exist for this class because there wasn't a source for significant deal flow... until now

1 year, 5 months ago on Like it or not, ForeFund Capital is bringing performance marketing to real estate crowdfunding


As someone who has built a $100MM company in search advertising, I can attest that there are billions in ROI left on the table by advertisers not experimenting to find non-intuitive value. Multivariate testing (more than one variable) like geo, ad copy, and landing page is the way to go and it sounds like DataPop is well ahead of the curve. Congrats!

2 years, 11 months ago on DataPop Raises $7 Million to Optimize Online Ad Content