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@cns  I saw the new season premiere of Total Divas but I have to catch up.  Yes, I love Jimmy and Trinity, too!  Thanks for the reminder to watch.

I went to Hawaii five years ago and everyone warned me that it would be expensive.  I've lived in NYC my entire life and I thought the prices were on par on in some cases cheaper than NYC.  The only thing that seemed expensive to me was the price for a gallon of milk.  I think it was almost double the NY prices but some locals reminded me that almost everything has to be shipped in.  We paid about $10-$15 less for our restaurant meals in Hawaii vs. NYC.  I think if you live anywhere in the U.S. other than NYC or LA then Hawaii will definitely feel expensive.

I really enjoyed Hawaii and would definitely go back again.  If you have the opportunity to move there you should go for it.  :)

Also, all of the Samoan men I saw were VERY good looking.  It was like looking at The Rock in various heights...LOL! 

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