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As someone eloquently said yesterday, this move is like a squeeze play in baseball. It gets the 2012 season across the plate, and Arkansas can swing for the fences in December.


As for the morality of the John L. Smith hire… there are good, rule-abiding, loyalty-preaching coaches that are shown the door before their contract expires every year. Not necessarily because they're bad coaches (Donnan, Tubberville, Fulmer, Bowden) but because they aren't winning enough. Or they aren't beating the right team. In this fickle world of big money athletics, coaches reserve the right to pursue a better gig whenever they choose -- it's the nature of coaching at this level. Recruits know this. Athletic Directors know this. FCS schools know this. For some reason, many writers hold college football coaches to this ridiculous standard of loyalty reserved for priests and politicians.


Football players come to Arkansas for the chance to beat Alabama, Auburn, LSU, etc.. With this coaching staff teaching the X's and O's, you could hire that guy from the Bud Light commercials to attend press conferences and deliver locker room speeches. I don't agree that Jeff Long should've limited the opportunity to coach this championship-caliber team to only those who were unemployed or currently on staff. Tyler Wilson, Knile Davis and company deserve better.


John, should you get the opportunity to write for ESPN or SI or CBS or TMZ or LMNOP and have to pull the plug on, I hope you know that we all will understand. Really... it's okay.

3 years ago on Hogs Turn To Smith; Smith Turns On Alma Mater; Some Turn On Hogs And Smith