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Seems as though he's using what leverage he has with the lack of good dmen available. As stated below, his inconsistency is maddening and he's generally been a turnover machine. Based on playoffs, Strahlman was more effective on the PP point as MDZ decision making with the puck is awful, both in the zone and gaining the o zone. He did get tougher and improve in the d zone, and huge points for sticking his shoulder in Neil's chin as payback. So "with that being said" I don't think he warrants a raise to $3mm, nor a pay grade near Stall and Girardi, based on potential. Should be an interesting negotiation. Kudos to this cup o coffee I'm sipping.

2 years, 8 months ago on Rangers/Del Zotto Far Apart; Sauer Feeling Better | August


Obviously, Dan is not worried about his son hitting the net, much like his Dad

2 years, 8 months ago on Dan Girardi Does His Best Henrik Lundqvist Impression | July