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I actually have a complete WWII run of Fortune I want to go back through them to look for his maps!

11 months ago on Conversation @


Oddly enough I was just getting ready to do some research on longhorns for a book about Arizona, which ended up being filled with Texas Longhorns (and others from the same original Mexican stock). Thanks!

1 year, 8 months ago on Decoding the genetic history of the Texas longhorn


If they do this, they'll need to be ready with a response if the federal government threatens to pull a lot or all of the state's federal money too. Alabama's gotten billions of dollars since 2009 from the Recovery Act alone--if they're going to take a swing at this they'd better realize they're up against a mean pitcher.

2 years, 5 months ago on Alabama Governor to Block State Health Exchange?


This is likely to come back to bite us if a U.S. citizen ever needs to claim diplomatic asylum in an unfriendly country.

2 years, 8 months ago on State Department: The U.S. does not recognize the concept of ‘diplomatic asylum’ | The Cable


 @KenBjornbak Well, yeah--and George W. Bush argued in favor of exactly this power in the Padilla case. I'm still opposed to it either way, and I'm proud of my home state; I just hope the Republicans still are opposed to this when a Republican is president again.

2 years, 12 months ago on New Law: Virginia will not cooperate with NDAA detention