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LOL @ TexasSECPride...when you say 'we' I am going to guess that you are a TAMU fan. You jump to the false assumption that I am a UNC fan, just because I live in NC, and, accuse NCSU of having 'little brother syndrome,' a la TAMU and Auburn. Fact is, I am a USC fan. I have no dog in this fight. I simply called it as I saw it. I've lived here for 30+ years, and, I see the two fanbases up close and personal every single day. What research I have done has shown that few teams have contributed LESS to a major conference in the past quarter century than NCSU has to their league. One measley ACC title in hoops in '87, and, nothing else. No BCS bowls, no Final Fours, no trips to Omaha. From my own observations, they seem more happy when UNC loses, than when their own team wins. That is very sad, and, very telling. Your assertion that NCSU is an SEC school at heart could not be more wrong. They are a founding member of the ACC, and, simply being a land grant school does not make them SEC material. It might be a big deal to you, but, when/if the SEC expands again, believe me, that fact will have little to zero importance. Its all about the eyeballs and the money a school could help the league generate. And, by that measure, its not even close which NC school your league should/would take. Had you bothered to read my post in its entirety, you would have seen plainly that I believe both schools to be a package deal. For either the SEC, or, the B1G. I could be wrong, but, I don't believe that the NC Gen Assy will not allow them to be separated. JMHO. But, you did not do that. You got as far as 'little brother syndrome,' got an uber-serious case of the butthurt, and, that was it. Carolina may very well be 'elitist east coast pigs.' But, those swine have considerably more successful than the Wolfpack, and, in my personal view, would deliver more...MUCH the SEC than NCSU would. NCSU is a fine university in its own right, but, in purely athletic terms, they're not in UNC's league, and, haven't been for a long, long time. That may very well change, but, it hasn't yet. Next time, please, save the namecalling, and, try to communicate at an adult level.

2 years, 8 months ago on Virginia Tech And NC State To The SEC? Prepare For Some Political Battles


It cracks me up to see that some people outside the state of NC people think NC State is some kind of 'football school.' If you lived in NC, you would know straight away that they are just as much a fair-weather fanbase as UNC is accused of being. Maybe more so. If the SEC wants the state of NC, they should take UNC. Over the long haul, they will be better in football that State, and, they are already better in baseball. Don't even mention basketball. UNC would bring something to the table. NC State, not so much. The SEC already have Auburn and Texas A&M. Do you really need another school with 'little brother syndrome' in there? JMHO, Carolina and State are a package deal. Neither is leaving the other to die in a gutted ACC. The NC Gen Assy will not allow it.

3 years ago on Virginia Tech And NC State To The SEC? Prepare For Some Political Battles