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So glad to see that your family does this!  My daughter, who is 4, is a total garden digger; everyday that she comes home from school, she is digging away, happily, mainly looking for potato bugs and other types of insects.  She also loves to plant random seeds from the fruits and veggies that she eats in the house...I cannot keep her out of the dirt!!  My question to you is, do you use a bug spray, OR do you think that she should have a bug spray on for this sort of hobby?  I myself love to plant as well, but never "sorting" through the dirt in the same way that my daughter does.  I guess I am a little scared of things such as lyme disease and other insect born diseases that can come with being out side most of the day.  Please let me know your thoughts on this, thanks!


3 years ago on Little Diggers, Big Kid Benefits: The Joys of Family Gardening