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Have to ask: which bar in Harvard Square? Just because I'm nebby and trying to get the full picture of the scene ;)

1 year, 10 months ago on rubble


Excellent commentary on your part. This girl's blog read likes a bad advice column in Cosmopolitan.


I feel like if you're dating someone who loves sports and you don't, your options are:

1) try it out and see if you can learn and wind up enjoying it (and if it turns out you just can't bring yourself to care, accept that you're going to have different interests and activities during some or all sporting events)

2) break up with them and date someone whose interests more closely match your own.


If you're the type of person who is going to be bent out of shape because you 'can't spend time with your man' during hockey playoff season (seriously, it's not that long), then he's probably not the right match for you. There are plenty of dudes out there who couldn't care less (many of whom are apparently my Facebook friends and feel the need to post about their dislike for the current season's sport repeatedly during games lol).


I dated a guy for almost six years who was a total hockey philistine, and the first three years, during which I tried to teach him what icing and cross-checking were, were miserable. Then I just decided that since hockey was my thing, I mightaswell do it with people who felt the same way, so I watched the games with my also-hockey-obsessed roommate and my parents and let the boyfriend go to local jazz shows. (Ironically, he wound up turning into a major phony superfan after we broke up, which still annoys me to this day lol.)


But I do have to agree about one thing: if someone tried to make me miss a hockey game to watch Grey's Anatomy, I would surely wind up with a game misconduct in my living room. Although I've always thought kielbasa and kraut was a better game food than pizza. Just sayin.

3 years ago on protip: claude giroux is confused about what truth is | April