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@GetTheKingACup  haha well my company is Running With Scissors, otherwise that would have been a cool team name!

3 months, 1 week ago on Conversation @


I shall be at the game on Thursday in Phoenix reppin' NYRB!  We Bleed Blue!! LGR!

11 months ago on 'We Bleed Blue' Opening Night Viewing Party at Hudson Station


yeeesh, he is doing some sort of hybrid Crossfit/Gym Jones/HiiT style working out.  I do Crossfit religiously, but it is the kind of working out that can really injure someone, especially someone in Richards condition.  I just hope they are really concentrating on NOT hurting his rotator cuff (a common injury in the crossfit world).....

1 year, 1 month ago on Richards Working Out To Prove Naysayers Wrong