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I'm so glad to see the End of Time will be in the Top 10. Although it gets a lot of flack for some parts of it- it is unbelievably well acted (Bernard Cribbins, John Simm, Timothy Dalton and David Tennant -who was best in the Specials) with a cracker of a story, amazing visuals, Best of Murray Gold's Music and the first glimpse of the Time War! I will say though that it takes many repeated viewings to get it all. 

And there's the Cactus People. Less said about them the better. And of course the quick fix of everyone as the Master. By a glorified Glove..... 

4 months, 2 weeks ago on Ranking the Master Stories (Part 1)


This will probably be pointed out a lot- but where was Vale Decem, most definitely the most moving song in Doctor who history and sung by the most talented. No counter tenor matches Mark Chamber's range! If song for Ten can come under, even though it was entirely incidental, then Vale Decem should definitely have been mentioned! But even so, this is a nice little addition, and gives a good reminder how music is one of the most pivotal of the myriad of things that makes Doctor Who.

5 months, 1 week ago on Who Tunes: Ranking the Lyrical Songs of Doctor Who


Looks really good. But as a paleontologist I have to say; Blimey, that Tyrannosaurus Rex is appalling. Even so- what a trailer! It is an interesting one for DW. The trailers aren't usually as jumpy but I did like it.

8 months, 2 weeks ago on Series 8 Launch Trailer Breakdown


My only concern is that if Davros is returning, please let him still be played by julian bleach.

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Dalek Story Details for Series 8?


As a stand alone episode I think the EoT is one of the best Who episodes I have ever seen. Its plot is fantastic and well deserves 10/10. David tennants acting in this series of episodes was incredibly well done and as a result I think with these episodes alone he deserves the accolade of being the most well acted Doctor. The music in this episode is far and away murray golds best work.

The only problem I have with it is the farewell tour. It does seen to gratuitous.

Having said that, in light of what has been produced since there are some episodes which do trump it.

9 months, 4 weeks ago on New Who: The Story Thus Far – 2008-2009 Specials


The brilliant thing about a book is that they can do so much more than in the TV show with constraints over cost and time. What I am hoping is that this book will be well written and at least checked by Moffat (and Briggs) to make sure it makes sense. (I say Briggs because he knows how the Daleks are supposed to be and could give valuble advice.) From what I know about George Mann, he has written for Doctor who before-one book, one audiobook- and is a fan who knows his chronology of Doctor who. However nothing as big as this so it will be interesting what he pulls out of the bag. The cover looks astounding though

10 months, 4 weeks ago on The War Doctor Returns in “Engines of War”


My big query is how they will deal with Rassilon and the rest of the council. I felt this was brushed over in DOTD, a few throwaway lines; 'to hell with the high council, they have plans of their own', but the Doctor cannot release such a force from where it is pent up without releasing the evil as well. there is also the matter of the horrors on Gallifrey e.g remaining Daleks, the Nightmare Child. In TEOT the doctor describes gallifrey as 'Hell'-it will still be there if he releases Gallifrey.

11 months ago on Thoughts on a Return for Gallifrey


Watching the Sarah Jane Adventures, all the attacks the trickster made upon sarah jane were ultimately against the doctor-i.e. stopping her from ever meeting him. In the story, the Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, the meeting of the Trickster and the Doctor is almost hinted that there is some sort of conflict or vengeance between them. The back story needs to be explored!

11 months ago on 5 New Who Monsters in Need of a Return


Reading the comments, I have found that series 4 seems to be one which people either seem to love or hate. This seems partly to be influenced by the character of Donna. I think that people seem to have the same attitude to these as they do to Donna, particularly because she was the first continuous companion of the new series to be almost as involved with the story as the Doctor and had the attitude to match. In my own opinion, I think that series 4 has the strongest track record of any of the new series. I love the character of Donna and her relationship with the Doctor. And I must admit that I love Stolen Earth/Journey's End despite the abysmal cop-out ending for the Daleks. The defeating of a major villain was not even this bad in the Power of Three. Even so, I felt it really was a finale to end all finale's and is one of my favorite episodes, even if it is just because of all the fan orientated moments aka Russel T Davies going slightly mental with power.  Any sweeping statements made in the above comment are because of time constraints. Clarifications can be made upon request

11 months ago on New Who: The Story Thus Far – Series 4 (Episodes 6-13)