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LOL. Have you played ANY of the Mass Effect games? Or are you just one of those game "journalists" who play 20% of a game then make glowing reviews of it?


Nobody liked the ending. Except, apparently, people who never played it, or people who get paid to review it. Painting Bioware as the victim is disgusting. It is not just a "group of gamers" or a "minority of fans". Take a quick look at the bioware forums. Count how many people like the ending. You'll get a handful. Now take a look at the comments and again, count how many responders actually liked the ending. You'll also end up with a very small number.


Everybody who ever cared about Mass Effect and Bioware felt cheated. Given their promises. I liked Bioware. I respected them immensely before this. Now they have become synonymous with their parent company. EA. Who was I kidding.

2 years, 12 months ago on The potential fallout of BioWare's new Mass Effect 3 ending