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Coming at this from a totally different angle, as a male hockey fan, I still pretty much agree with you 100%. In Canada it was relatively easy to find girls who liked hockey since, well, everyone likes hockey (which is why I was so surprised to see this was written *by a Canadian* lol wat?).


In the States, on the other hand, most of the girls I've dated knew nothing about hockey when we first started dating. That's fine, whatever. If any of them did ANY of the things in Catherine's article, I would probably have joined you in the vomiting. Does she honestly think men can't see through this shit? We can't tell when someone is being fake?


The real punchline is, one of the girls I dated actually did get really into the sport, and she did pretty much everything "wrong" according to Catherine: she asked me a TON of questions. She picked her own favorite team, partly based on the attractiveness of several of their players (she really liked Toews and Kane, and it's tough for me to blame her). But whatever, it was still awesome having a girlfriend who *legit* grew to love the game. How do I know it was legit? When we unfortunately broke up last year, we've remained friends, and she continues to follow the sport very closely. Obviously if she was "faking it" to impress me, that concern would have been long-gone.


Do keep in mind when reading all of the above that, as a half-gay man, I may just not be GRR HETEROSEXUAL MAN~! enough to properly appreciate all that vagina-fakery. But I'm guessing most totally hetero dudes who love hockey probably feel the same way. Dating someone who's fake sucks, period, no matter what they're being fake about.

2 years, 12 months ago on protip: claude giroux is confused about what truth is | April