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ummm..."That was about as bad as I’ve seen this team look this year and still get a win."


Must have missed the Flames gme!!?  With out Emery and Glencross unable to fill empty nets...the hwks get blown out about 6-1.  They were fatigued in that gme but I think they had more giveaways than shots.

2 years, 1 month ago on Minimum Payment: Blackhawks 4 - Blue Jackets 3


You are incorrect!  Phx has only lost 1 series after being ahead 3-1; that being the 1998-99 playoff vs the Blues. They are 0-7 since moving to Phx.  They lost to the Wings 4-3 in 2009-10 but they were not up 3-1; that series was tied 2-2!!

3 years ago on Paging A Star...Any Star!!