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Excellent article.  Question about SaaS companies.  If you talk to investors, many will say that the category isn't very viral and therefore significant marketing spend is necessary to acquire customers (especially in the early days of a SaaS company).  Anything innovative being done by gems in the SaaS space to reduce CPA?


3 weeks, 5 days ago on That’s a nice little $40M ecommerce company you have there. Call me when it scales


@FrankThagard @KenG Agreed.

Pando, please listen:  The piece you've just published has an argument that cannot be proven with prose alone. The numbers must be crunched and presented in a way that supports the author's (controversial) thesis.  

Also, FrankThagard makes a great point above.  Alcohol and obesity don't cost health care systems money? Again a thesis provable only by crunching numbers but delivered DOA by this fine author. The Brits have a word for this kind of fairy tale, isn't it called poppycock?  

1 month ago on No, there isn’t a “great decoupling” between pay and production