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Red McCombs (former owner of the Minnesota Vikings and San Antonio Spurs) has publically gone on record as saying that there are a select few (ahem...DeLoss Dodds - t.u. AD) who have their pride hurt over A&M moving to the best conference in America. Mr. McCombs (namesake of their business school and largest individual donor to Longhorn athletics) has definitively stated that the 110+ year history of the rivalry will not permit anything other than a temporary break in the storied tradition. What generations of Aggies will gladly share with our SEC bretheren is that there are few (if any) other schools with more of an egotistical and over-inflated self image than our in-state buddies in Austin. If you don't believe it, just ask Nebraska, Colorado, or Mizzou! DeLoss Dodds is offended that we've made a move that is going to adversely affect their program. Their refusal to play A&M is the equivalent of a 5 year old sticking his fingers in his ears, shouting blah, blah, blah, and throwing a temper-tantrum. We really don't mind taking a year or two off to allow DeLoss Dodds' ego time to figure out how to save face. Thanks again for the wonderful welcome to the SEC. As time will prove, Texas Aggies are going to represent Texas and the SEC well!

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Absolutely love the A&M and MU additions. Thanks for the warm welcome...see you in College Station this fall. Gig'em!

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