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I can see a 7-5 season in 2013. This is Bielema's first year at Arkansas, and he and his staff should be given the benefit of the doubt, so that they might recruit and coach to the best of their abilities.

Victories over the 4 non-SEC teams is realistic, although the game at Rutgers is worrisome.

SEC wins should come via Ole Miss, Miss St, and Auburn.

I am still ticked off at the SEC for screwing over the Hogs by taking away our road game at Kentucky, and replacing it with Florida. Really SEC?! That's underhanded, and total B.S.!

7-5 in 2013 with a visit to the Indy Bowl or maybe the Liberty Bowl.

If Coach BB and his staff can recruit like we all think they can, the next two or three classes should help propel the Hogs to bigger and better things in 2014, 2015, and beyond. Razorback fans must be realistic, and more importantly ... patient.

2 years, 3 months ago on Arkansas Football Expectations 2013