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What a great marketing test as well. Open up in some new area, find a great following that you may not have known of. Or.. open up with great expectations to find no serendipity.

2 years ago on Storefront launches its pop-up marketplace to usher in the future of retail


Good point. But halfway through the article, I would classify you as a Selfist:

I could spend...
I’d rather approach..
I ran the engineering,…
I have never written a line
 nor have I sold one impression
 Am I an expert in technology?
Am I an expert in editorial?
Am I an expert in sales?
No. But I’ll wager that there aren’t many people on the planet who understand the confluence of technology, editorial, and advertising better than me.
I have intentionally
I do not believe
I think that they
I’ll contrast
I do not believe
I think
I’ll contrast my
If I were the “experts”
I will gladly point out
if I were an investor, I would short the company. But I’m not picking on AOL just to be a jerk. I’m doing it, because AOL is the poster child of a company that is run by “experts.”
I’ll bet that AOL
I’d rather

2 years, 1 month ago on You don’t want experts. You want jacks-of-all-trades


Having "bought into" Apple since the early days of computing and tiring of pressing three keys to print with even a * at the end... (Commodore) I was pretty much sold. Over the years though listening and humoring my friends with some $200 computer that they had to add three cards into, to get it to do anything productive, tell me, its "just the same".. Listening to decades them telling me, they had to reformat their hard drives (again). Me never. And telling me "you know what its like".. I just had to replace my laptop screen". Me? no never.

These articles get tiresome. If you want to do any Joe lunchpail photo editing, video editing,or any other computer work or communication with a computer, right out of the box. Get a Mac. Go to any mechanic or woodworker or plumber.. They get the best tools.. They don't buy some cheap facsimiles of tools that they will have to fix in the middle of a job.

Just an opinion of a Joe lunch pail who uses his computer to make a living.
[thows his Walmart scarf over his shoulders in a fashionista huff]

2 years, 1 month ago on Louis Vuitton and the Apple Store


Please. Apple stock was very high. These Wall Street hustlers make money when it goes down as well as when it goes up. The gamble now is to see where they want it to drop to. And then, they can play the same suckers for the "shocking rise" when it goes back up. Silly really.

2 years, 4 months ago on Hold the conspiracy theories: The real reason why Apple is slumping


I recently applied for a position at a rather large corporation. My experiences are pretty vast, I will put my skills up against anyone's. After a week or two of tap dancing through committees and interviewers, It came down to me, and a twenty four year old blank slate young lady. Reading between the lines I noticed that;"As it turned out, we eventually did find someone for that position, with a lot less relevant experience. But she learned the job in about six weeks".....Six weeks? I would have fired your ass.

Well, needless to say the inexperienced pixie got the job at the corp I was applying for as well. By the way, the entire department was filled with young women except for one male. One of my interviewers let it slip that she was dating the head of the division (hey-yo). I noticed that the position that I applied for became available again after two weeks (still laughing).. Maybe she needed four more weeks to flounder around like your "co-worker". 

You could have hired someone who has been working for five years or someone who has been curling up on a couch reading Goethe's Faust. 

They ought to provide a resume' of each nerd-god who is going to interview an applicant, to see if experienced people want to waste their time. It would be nice to know ahead of time if you were going to get filtered out by some Loser.

2 years, 4 months ago on Losers exist. Don’t hire them


I am an avid news compiler. Google news? It is like Grit magazine or something. I click on "Florida" and all it has is how the sports teams are doing. I think they have a sixteen year old kid compiling their "news". Another half hearted attempt with all that stock holder fodder.

2 years, 5 months ago on Newspapers take aim at Google News again. Maybe because they’re no longer scared


Oldest rule on the internet. You get three seconds. Part of Flash used to be amazing in its early days until programers began thinking you would want to look at cute countdowns for ten or fifteen seconds. Still wondering when ad agencies will catch on that you can "skip ad" after ten seconds or so when some cinematic lead in with blowing leaves and artsy camera focusing never even mentioned the advertisers name yet... tic..tic..ti-

2 years, 5 months ago on People start leaving if videos don’t play in 2 seconds


I used my FB page for an information hub during the whole tawdry Sandy escapade. It helped, it titillated, it showed Sandy' gifts and her violent nature. It continues during the recovery. There are a few instagrams.. but Facebook was the flagship plowing through this storm for me.

2 years, 5 months ago on Could Sandy be Instagram’s big citizen journalism moment?


I used to laugh at this SV vs NY thing (hmm spell check implies there is no "SV"). I read an article/blog one time written with slashing comments as if it was documenting two former twelve year old BFFs breaking up. Comically it was about who was better, Posterous or Tumblr. I use both. From one who is a depolarized web user since it was in its infancy, this balkanization is down right silly. The web, to most of us active users (business and pleasure) could care less where your wires and circuits are located. In other words, don't hoist up your skirts just yet to show us your boo boos, keep the magic tricks behind the capes for a bit.


From my experience running a business and dealing with vulture capitalists (no I never ran into Mitt Romney) and working on a project to take a business public, New York's business is money, old money, nonsensical money crooked money, diversion money, just money.. Silicon Valley is new money, puddles of money, silly money.


Gawd they HATE you in New York for making all that money and having the temerity to invest it in start ups and take them public! They seethe.


Case in point? I was talking to my New York friend about the Facebook hype/fiasco. I observed something that slipped past on one of the major news shows when the hype was at level ten. They interviewed some little putz sitting at a file folder stacked paper strewn desk. He sort of grinned and said (not quoting exactly) "Wall Street" doesn't like the structure of Facebook. Where do you think they come up with groups like Bain capital, they want their own players on the boards, not somebody who is silly enough to be creative and innovative. I brought this up to my friend and we both saw it as a shot over the bow.. These young whipper snappers were a little to uppity for the old money boys and they were going to take them out behind the wall street money shed and show everybody who is boss. And it happened.


I hope the new money, new energy from the West Coast never gives way to the stodgy creepy Wall Street boys. But in turn, seeing Google create numerous programs and divisions that it discards like our hypothetical twelve year old might begin hating its latest BFF, just because it has so much mad money, is a bit ludicrous as well. Here's hoping both parties can evolve, a maturing from the West and Wall Street can do some kind of Keith Richards transfusion and humble itself a bit. Meanwhile, those of us who use the web on a day to day basis wish you would remember it used to be called the world wide web. Only your petty egos want to minimize its scale into territorial fiefdoms.

2 years, 5 months ago on A technical co-founder? In New York fuggedaboutit!


 @cooktench Wow you are a story (study) in yourself. 48% single person households. Connected through web interaction watching television shows and interacting. I have been trying to understand in this day and age why corporations still demand employees to be on site. The fuel, time waste, and costs of risking your life on a daily commute has not reached the corporate mentality. The demand that one move to New York or Silicon Valley to work on web projects by "high tech" companies seems counterintuitive to the tenth degree. Sorry to digress but Brian's brilliant take on all things internet and your contribution to the conversation just gave me a serendipitous moment on the personification of our interconnected world. Let's hope there are no power outages.

3 years ago on The Future of TV is More Than Social, It’s Distributed and Always-On