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We have capped repairs. I try to math them out to just a full repair - you can use this every day, not just during raids, so the fact that you'll go over your cap during raids shouldn't matter, since your "weekday" repairs are fully covered.

We don't provide flasks atm, but we do get them crafted in-guild for the most part. I've observed similar patterns with feasts - everyone seems to be doing Tillers rep, which is cool.

We sell Sha Crystals for half the AH price, just to keep the bank afloat.

We sell whatever the raid drop crafting material is - we used to sell them for half AH too, but last tier we switched to letting people spend DKP on them.

Enchants and gems aren't covered, although enchanting mats drop like crazy and perfect gems are pretty cheap to get cut. We have a lot of crafters in-guild so that's never a problem.

We roll off raid-drop patterns, and when nobody needs them I sell them on the AH for extra repair money. We treat raid-drop BoE loot like any item and auction it for DKP. If nobody needs it it sits in the bank for a couple of weeks before I AH that too.

We have one Officer-locked tab in the gbank for feast mats and such if people want to donate them. For all the other tabs I try to encourage a "pick a penny leave a penny" attitude.

2 years, 4 months ago on Where Personal Responsibility Begins and Guild Responsibility Ends