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Believe it or not, but I would consider purchasing one of these Note III's. I have yet to buy the Note II but it is in my plans. I am a current VZW and Razr user, but may well be a Note II and Sprint user soon. Why Sprint? Bigger corporate discount on bill every month.

2 years, 3 months ago on New Rumor Says Samsung Galaxy Note III Will Feature 6.3" Display


Good article. Like you, I do not obsess over the battery, but I see the better value in the percentage and circle representation. Kudos for Samsung doing it well.

2 years, 7 months ago on Editorial: Why Isn't A Battery Percentage Stock On All Android Devices?


Since I have a Bionic, I would vote for Motorola getting the next attempt at a Nexus. Asus sounds interesting also. I have yet to have one from Sammy, but my last two experiences with HTC (ThunderBolt and TMO's HD2) ended with multiple replacements, so no HTC for me.


I'd like to see the manufacturer put a CPU in the same quad core family as the Transformer Prime tablet has, a 4.6-5.3" screen in AMOLED plus (or sub in whatever is the best type), maybe optional stylus, excellent sound via phone and speaker, 16GB internal memory and a SDXC to give us 64 GB more storage, and a big capacity battery (in line with Razr Maxx numbers). Throw in world phone capability as well. Mine would have to be VZW capable.


Let me know when mine is ready.  :-)

2 years, 8 months ago on Poll: Which Manufacturer Would You Choose To Produce The Next Nexus Phone?