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@Creepy_Ghoul  No point in sending it to them. They don't read scripts of already established material both as a rule and for legal reasons. You wouldn't even be able to get the show's tea runner to read the script in case any elements of your story (or anything similar) ends up in an episode which would allow you to claim they stole your ideas and sue. I know this because I met the script editor of the show about a year and a half ago after winning a competition to talk to him about a vampire script I wrote. At the end of the session I went total fanboy on him and we ended up talking about the show and I mentioned that I had written a few fan scripts and he offered to read one, only for him to be told later that he couldn't read it for legal reasons. I wish he had found out earlier because by the time he informed me that he couldn't read it I had already announced on Facebook that he had offered to. Oh well.

1 year ago on How could a New Doctor Who Movie Work?