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At first glance, NDAA appears to be a good idea IF it was in fact Constitutional and we lived in a "perfect world" with the federal tiger secured within the cage designed for it by the states via the Constitution. I do hope that there are Constitutional laws that can be used and/or passed to protect citizens and defend the Constitution from people who have loyalty to causes that are incompatible with the Constitution and are threats to citizens and the Constitution. So far this hope appears to just that without very much satisfaction.

2 years, 1 month ago on February 19, 1942: A Black Stain on American History


Yes, Congress should only pass laws that are constitutional and the Supreme Court should strike down unconstitutional laws and unconstitutional procedures that deliver iinjustice. Sorry to be a little off subject but justice as often delivered in lower courts to defendants is so lacking in honesty that bigger problems with the Supreme Court seem not to matter when local injustice in the courtroom is the elephant in their house. My main point: why are not all juries required to be handed the written words of the Law that the defendant has been charged with violating which would keep the prosecutot and/or judge from rewording the law to make the law as presented to the jury to fit the agreed on or alleged actions of the defendant? Also which state(s) have the best procedures for allowing a defendant to effectively represent himself in lower/magistrate/summary court cases? "Been there, received that (recently)"

3 years ago on Did the Founders expect the Courts to Declare Laws Unconstitutional?