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  Here it is! I challenge any of you to read what I have said and find that I didn't praise those who deserved it. It seems that stats which are the lifeblood of initial scouting became something else to most of you!


  I admit that I do not like the Giants front office and I find it silly that none of you who know the game have never talked about Afterburner! This was a motivational group that happened to "teach when the Giants lost for the second time to Washington. Obviously they did a great job but when the defensive coordinator says he was "not the D.C. in those meetings than you have something to think about. Paul found the story which in my opinion was the "find of the year".


  The unanswered question is who made the decision and why did the entire Giant organization outsourse their respective jobs.


 I have been a passionate Giant fan longer than many of you have been above ground. I played the game through college and then landed a scouting gig with the Raiders. I did that for eleven years.


  My concerns about the Giants were real and steeped in fact. When you are the worst rushing team in the game,lose to a team in your division twice,give up over 400 yards a game  the4 odds of going Super are infinitesimal.


  I noted that Eli was hit 20x vs San Fran and sacked six. He was incredibly amazing to take the punishment.


  I also was the first to sing the praises of Cruz who was hurt in year one but had route running skills rarely found in a rookie. He had a season unlike any rookie in my lifetime and turns out to be a team guy as he accepts the minimal contract he has.


  From a fan's standpoint that is great. From Cruxe's decision one must wonder who his agent is and why the Giants "bumped" him. He earned it and if he gets hurt,he will regret what he did.


  So,the Giants won the Super Bowl but from my perspectivre it was very uninspiring. Remember,I was a scout and scouts are paid to be objective but critical given the money and impact involved.


  Even Frwell said" I had no idea how good JPP was" That;\'s the D.C. saying t6hey stepped in shit. I still have some friends active around the league who felt that Jpp had no real experience,a bad back and a bad attitude. That's why he lasted until he did. He has been incredible and a bonified gift.


  The problems the Giants have are still there. They were the worst rushing team in football and second worst running the ball. Wilson had the "infamous" stats but I saw him twice and wasn't very impressed.  He is too small andhe is not a back to carry the load when Bradshaw is out.


  Remember,Bradshaw has yet to play a full season so,one has to envision what kind of running game we will have.


  I think Eli Manning had as good a season as anyone who has ever worn any uniform. I wrote that I could think of no other event than  his marriage and birth of his daughter that mature4d him as it did.


  Remeber one thing! Peyton Manning "was" the Colts as Eli is the Giants. No one wants to see him hurt but if isn't protected better the odds are he will.


  I don't like Coughlin which goes way back to Jacksonville. There was a true star named Tony Boselli who because he was pushed to play injured had a short career. I know guys and not one has a good thing to say about T.c.


  I would argue that Spags won the first one and a realmiracle season got it sone last year. The Giants have a lot of holes that were covered during the playoffs but remember,the league is about the worst I have ever seen.


  So,we enter the season looking for 2011 again. We'll see but don't buy more than it is.


  I have been offered several gigs so,that was a lift. Andy is family bit I will always call em as I see em and your idea that I was happy when the Giants were bad is simply absolutely untrue.



2 years, 11 months ago on Jerry Reese speaks with Mike Francesa | May


Funny how all of this is "exactly" what I said and was slandered for saying.


  Well,you won't have to read my thoughts anymore and thankfully,I won't have to read your hate mail!


  There are those like "mayor" and a bunch of people who have emailed asking me to stay. Well,it's no fun anymore and as we don't get paid no re4ason to subject myself to the abuse.



  I said Randle was a good pick and was First to say that Fleener could not block. I don't think Wilson will "get it done" so,we'll see how Philly does after a "great draft and Dallas does after a mediocre draft. Washington beat us twice and if Shanahan doesn't over use "the franchise" the Skins can only improve.


  I wonder what the clowns will say if our "luck" runs out!


  No doubt the very same people will bore the hell out of anyone who knows the game and the cheerleaders will continue to cheer.


Read the archives about what I have said over the years. Read the two drafts that I did. I stand by my record which is eons above most!!

2 years, 11 months ago on Jerry Reese speaks with Mike Francesa | May


A guy wins the lottery. He tells everyone that Microsoft bought his company. He becomes a celebrity until the truth be known.


  The Giants drafted at 32. It is lunacy to think that drafting last in every round will consistently improve your team. It means you won the Superbowl no matter how bad you and the N'F'L. in general have become.


  Anyone who thinks that Cruz,Nicks,J.P.P et al were pure genius need to read how it all evolved!


  Fewell " I had no idea that J.P.P. could play this well!" Cruz,an undrafted free agent walks into camp at a regional tryout! The Giants have Nothing to lose signing him up as the risk is non-existent.


  You can give the Giants credit for signing Cruz but proclaiming this anything but "fools gold" "getting hit by a bolt of lightening is poppycock.


  I challenge anyone,everyone to look up Reese's record as "head scout" and the decisions he made. Eli was not his choice do let's begin with the facts.


  The facts are that Reese had a brilliant draft his first one ever. He then proceeded to draft Nicks but anyone with any real football knowledge knew that at 32 there was Nicks or Kenny Britt period.


  I wrote a piece and said that erstwhile head coach Butch Davis of North Carolina made that call. The Giants called for an opinion and Butch told them Nicks was "great". He told them that this kid had superstar potential.


  Butch Davis made the call! So,with two guys available that fit a primary need and no one else better at any position we took Nicks.


  I actually think that drafting at 32 this year the Giants did an adequate job in the early rounds. They desperatley need and still need a running game that isn't the worst in the league. If Eli is not "incredible" Eli or if he gets hurt the Giants are toast.


  Eli got hit 20x vs S.F. and sacked 6. The fact that he survived is a tribute to his perseverence and the kindness of the Gods!


  Read the report on the T.E. the Giants took. Let's see how Prince doed!@ We know howRoss did and we know how "brilliant" the signings of Canty,Boley and our $3.5 million dollar DT were as $18 million in cap was spent and? Where is Bernard anyway? Oh,he's with $5 1/2 million per Bass collecting a check.


  The choice of Wilson at 32 was readonable,the choice of Randle in the second was good. The chose of a 5'9' db who was injured too much and beaten by tall guys is a big stretch. I think they took him to see if he can return punts and kickoffs on this level.


  This was a bad draft! The Giantsneed another miracle for anyone except Randle to pan out. They did nothing for the OL or at LB.


  Time is the judge.Let's see how it plays out.


  The Eagfles went for the pass rush and got two good ones. Let's hope they aren't good enough!


2 years, 12 months ago on NY Giants Day 3 Draft Selections | April


 @ultimatenyg  @TC4EVA Randle is 6'3" oops

2 years, 12 months ago on NY Giants Draft Randle in R2 and Hosley in R3 | April


 @ultimatenyg  @TC4EVA Gee,


  You can't have it both ways.I am going on record saying that Randle going to the Giants where he went was a very good move.


  What wonder seems to ignore is that L.S.U. wins on defense!

As I have said over and again,this draft would see an inordinate amount of first rounders from Alabama,L.S.U. and Stanford.


  The reason is that both L.S.U and "bama" had defenses arguably better than a few NFL teams.


  Offense was another story as neither team could hit the broad side of a barn.


  Bama had Trent and little else,L.S.U. had just "little else.


  I included Stanford as Luck had two guys who kept him safe and few can argue that drafting Fleener first in round two was not a good move. Fleener is a kick ass receiver who cannot block! The situation in Indy giving Luck one player he is in sync with from day one strikes me as smart.


  Look at the first three rounds and lo and behold out of the first5 24,six or seven came from these 3 teams.That's 25% . I don't know that that happens very much,


  You can attribute that to a very weak number of teams in college.


  Last,I would disagree with Wonder about Randle's size and ability. The guy has game and 5'3' is taller than most. What should the Giants do so deep in? Randle was indeed a value pick.


  Wonder is right about L.S.U. recievers but a team that relies almost exclusively on the pass needs as much depth as possible.


  There are injury concerns with Hosely and his size matters too. He had injury problems but played well when he played.


  This is where I part ways with the Giant draft. They need OL help!!,they need someone to block for Bradshaw and Wilson and did next to nothing about it.


  I too thought Massie was a very worthy second but as Andy said I think there is something we don't know.


  The Giants extended Kiwi for 3 years with a very heavy back loaded deal. I would wager he never sees year three or four.


  Osi is toast or so it seems and you know my opinion about that.


  Was it the Giants that got it together or was it Afterburner being brought in as a defacto outsourcing of the staff that got us going.


  We won and that's always cool but for me there was a lot missing


 let's see what happens this year as several teams including arch nemesis Philly got better.

2 years, 12 months ago on NY Giants Draft Randle in R2 and Hosley in R3 | April


I agree with your well thought out analysis. My problem is with the guys protecting Luck. In other words it would be lunacy for Indy to use him too much this year!


  You can rest assured that the Focus for the Colts will be to get players who can protect this guy.


  I think that Wonders analysis left out the likes of Joe Montana,Drew Brees to name two who were Not blessed with RGB skills but had enough to be great.


  Washington right now has a better cast than the Colts but Griffin will be lucky to stay healthy.


  Shanahan will play him too early and too much.


  It remains to be seen if Griffen can be successful never mind a star! Luck is the better bet as his last workout was on a very windy day and his "arm" was just fine. He finished up with a 60-70 yd pass into the wind which hit the receiver right in the chest.

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  I have done my draft but won't post it. I will however give my work to one of my pals.


  I will say this. I hear)(read) what Wonder thinks through Andy's posts but find it very strange that he seems to talk about depth yet no one is rated higher than a 3 at any position.


  I am more blunt and will share this,


  Most teams with a top 20 pick are looking to trade down!! No one seems to mention what is obvious to me. This draft is about as weak as any I can remember.


  You have two potential franchise players at qb which is why Indy and Washington are going to take them. Washington gave away the farm and griffen is anything but a sure thing. It is just as likely he will be Vince Young as he will be  great. He is smart(very) and he is mature. The questions remain can he do it on this level as he surely will have to tone down the scrambling if he wants to win.Then,the fact that it's the skins means he will take a pounding if Shanahan uses him too much.


  The Redskins are a poor team except when they play the Giants as their 0-line,running game and receivers are lacking and they gave away ant chance of building around this kid.


  It will be interesting to see .


  Indianapolis waited too long to rebuild an aging team and when Peyton went down they were toast.


  The fact that a legendary GM was anything but legendary for the last dew years as the Colts made the cardinal sin of laying the whole show on one man. They drafted very poorly ans you got a prime lesson in always looking to today and when tomorrow comes you are sol.


  Now luck is interesting. A prototypical top qb who went to a school that built itself around him on offense which is why two OL and Fleener will go in round one.


  The big deal to me is that Jim Harbaugh says he is the "real deal" which,coming from Harbaugh means a lot. Harbaugh went on to say that he is Not looking forward to playing against Luck which is quite the compliment.


  Poe,Fletcher,and a few others are interesting as they are big,agile men. None are sure bets but at least there are skills.


  I have many things I do to ratre players and the draft. The most telling thing for me was the lack of a great team in 2011. Alabama and LSU had rock solid D which is why you will see a number of players from that side of the ball going early. The same can be said about Alabama  so,look for that.


  Neither team could score so,only a couple will go early with the good but not great tunning back a top 5 pick.


  The rest is a like throwing darts blindfolded which makes me laugh as so many try and make lemonade where the lemons are second rate.


  I don't like the receivers much but the kid who caught Griffens passes would fit well in N.Y. as he has the speed and could be the one piece that the Giants have lacked . He can bust it and he can return kicks. Can he do it on this level? Will his body hold up?will the Giants get a shot to draft him?  Stay Tuned

3 years ago on 2012 NFL Draft: RUNNING BACK | April


I have to thank Mayor and some of the guys who although,we disagree at times have been fun to banter with as I have enjoyed them over the years.


   Kick ass Mayor,you are a good man!!

3 years ago on 2012 NFL Draft: WIDE RECEIVER | April


I am going to keep my opinions to myself as am torn between my love of my partners and my love of the game.


 It's become a drag to listen to the haters. I can handle fair criticism but not the abuse.


  I have no more respect for you (you know who you are) than you have for me. I am wriring and will publish somewhere else.


  I am fortunate to have several people plead with me to stay. They are people I respect so,I am flattered. I have my own ideas and probabilities for the upcoming season which I will share with Andy,Glenn,Wonder and Paul before we go at it for real. See ya!

3 years ago on 2012 NFL Draft: WIDE RECEIVER | April