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Interesting. Marketing has resisted addressing the impact of device shift which can all but kill hard ROI analysis and, without a global cookie, seems to have no quick fix. It's not clear from this story what the methodology here is and if it could apply beyond retargeting to conversion behavior but if they have even a decent hit rate, it's a big step forward.

Any further details on how it works across device types? Logged in vs guest?

1 year, 9 months ago on Drawbridge now allows mobile marketers to track anonymous users across devices


Brands naturally want to showcase perfection but perfect is not accessible and that's a problem.

UGC should focus on context: it doesn't have to replace a site's hero shot or anything like that to have value... 

Just look at REI's 1440 project which shows outdoor photos from fans... some of what goes up is amazing / aspirational while others are more every day but it all lives in a place where you know what you're getting and go precisely for it.

1 year, 9 months ago on Brands and the user-generated photo conundrum


Purchases take time with lots of stops involved; that's why you see analytics moving towards more advanced attribution models and yet affiliate remains completely rooted in the rare immediate action. The more valuable a partner is, the earlier you'd expect them to be in the funnel and while it's certainly difficult to measure, it's no excuse not to find a way to pay on it.

1 year, 9 months ago on Affiliate industry will implode if it doesn’t change “last click” model, says Skimlinks


Ask people to check what they like from a list without any specificity and what you get is an insight into no one in particular. While I'll admit to having quoted many social stats to make a point, as they become more plentiful, more absolute, they worry me. By definition engagement is not about the "big picture", it's about your picture.


What I'd like to see is some research on single brands. What motivated people to like them in particular? What are they expecting to see, if anything? And how does it correlate back to the brand's value proposition elsewhere...


3 years ago on Remembering the Dangers of Social Media Research