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I hate the government! It's time people start standing up to the dictators in Washington and State. My Federal Taxes for being unemployed is $828.00 for federal and the state of Colorado wants $382.00 from me. I'm still unemployed so where am I supposed to get the money to pay this? Since I can't pay this on time they are charging me payment penalties and interest. Like any good for nothing creditor they want to suck me dry finically without concern. They don't give a shit about us or the families we have to feed so why do we give a shit about lining their wallets when they don't use our money appropriately or responsibly. I say fuck'em and bring it. You want my fucking money GOV your gonna have to pull it out of where the sun don't shine. Many other countries are starting revolution so why aren't we? We need leaders and followers to march down this path of righteousness. Who's with me? 

3 years ago on Do You Have to Pay taxes on Unemployment Income?