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You fail to mention anywhere in this post the revenue problem that is haunting Big Media. Sure, the CNNs of the world are still making money, but not as much, and as companies like YouTube begin to roll out premium channels there will be more direct competition than ever before. You say CNN is great because it had 9 people in the back room working on the TV show, not to mention the make-up artists, etc., that also help out. I argue this is precisely why Big Media is in jeopardy. Just because they're spending tons of money on production doesn't make the content any better. In some cases, it's just polishing a turd. A reputable YouTube news channel could make that same report for a fraction of the cost, aggregating news from elsewhere and selling targeted ads to a niche market. There's tons of cash to be made if your expenses are within reason, which is where Big Media fails. What they have is distribution, but that's changing, too. Adapt or die, that's what it comes down to.

2 years, 11 months ago on It’s Time to Stop Talking About the Death of Big Media