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@KenG  the credit card cancellation technique does not always work. I know that for recurring subscriptions made online, they continued to work even after I declared a lost/stolen card with AMEX, and received a replacement with new CC number.

I wonder how Bitcoin and blockchain technology deal with recurring charges?

4 days, 23 hours ago on Dark Patterns: The Crimes and Misdemeanors of Design


It would be great to see a follow-up piece discussing the type of endeavors or decisions companies can, or are likely, to make by postponing an IPO, that they might not want to if they were already public. It seems that in addition to how low interest rates are right now (cheap debt), that this is the other primary driver of such a decision.

Main stream corporations flush with cash during the worst of the downturn in 2009-2012 took on large amounts of insanely cheap debt (3-5%). To your point, it's simply now making it's way into the tech arena.

@mcarney this seems like an extension of the changes brought about by the likes of Yuri Milner when he allowed FB to avoid by a premature IPO by providing larger/longer-horizon funding than the current norm. Clearly debt is common for mainstream corporations, but I wonder how often they use it to delay an IPO?

1 week, 3 days ago on Late-stage mega-debt is just the latest way of putting off the IPO boogieman


This is certainly great news for the LA ecosystem.

@mcarney I'd be interested in an analysis how many people are positively impacted in the local ecosystem by Makers. I think they are an example of a full-stack startup as recently described by Chris Dixon ( and in an epic series of tweets from Balaji Srinivasan at a16z ( They built proprietary tech on top of youtube, provided physical and human resources for creation/production of content, delivered monetization, etc. I think it's what has set them apart from others such as Machinima.

So, back to my question... For every dollar that goes into a company like makers for the creation/distribution of content, how much do you think gets paid out to entertainment specialists in the broader LA ecosystem (lighting, gaffers, writers, post-production, sound, etc.)? Contract work is the norm, so my guess is it's reasonably high, but love to see some actual ballpark numbers. I'd think it would be a positive story for the Makers and the LA.

For what it's worth I'm not actively in the industry or a Makers fanboy, but think it's worth highlight hybrid tech companies that may create or empower existing professions rather than simply destroy jobs and create a fewer number of elite positions for the well-schooled and technically inclined.

3 weeks, 5 days ago on For LA, Maker Studios’ $950M exit couldn’t have come at a better time