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Considering AL has an architecture degree how long until a journalist coins "The Architect" nickname? Perhaps the year he designs a super bowl victory run? As a Titan fan I am strangely happy he is in the division. He will provide an excellent measuring stick twice a year for our team for the next decade at least. Great article Olly.

1 year, 10 months ago on An Evening with Andrew Luck


Warren Moon, Steve McNair, Jake Locker. I see that being the progression of important QB's for the Titans when his career is done. He is grounded, methodical about improving, willing to play injured, and he seems to honestly enjoy the experience. If Hass gets the starting job this year and takes us deep into the playoffs I wouldn't be surprised. Kevin Matthews will be the 2012 starting center and go to the pro bowl. This offensive line is going to be stellar. 

2 years, 11 months ago on Jake Locker Is a Blessing to the Tennessee Titans


2012 Tennessee Titans starting center will be Kevin Matthews. He's got the size at 6'4" 302 lb. and he has proven he is capable of improving mentally. Walk on at A&M, undrafted in the NFL, now on the active roster. You can argue that Bruce helped the latter happen but the guy has football in his veins and he is surrounded by people who have excelled at his position. The NFL is too high stakes to keep people around who don't have upside and Kevin Matthews is all upside. His dad was an inch taller. That's the only discernable physical difference. Mike and Ruston are not going to waste a draft pick on a center when they have a potential pro-bowler ready to explode out of the gates. Amano's contract runs three more years at a reasonable 6 million per year (compared to 5 per year the Patriots are paying Koppen for the next two years not including a 3.5 mill signing bonus) so he will serve as a highly paid backup. The Titans payed the bulk of the contract, 12 mill, in 2010. If Matthews doesn't perform how they expect in the first 2-3 games they have Amano as a safe if poor backup then have the 2013 free agency and draft to worry about center. I anticipate Matthews nailing it.

2 years, 11 months ago on Are the Tennessee Titans Going to Address Center?


The late model Hass is a straight up pocket passer with excellent instincts and presence. With the carefully calibrated offensive line upgrades this offseason he looks like the obvious choice to start 2012. When he looked bad last year you can pin a lot of that on Palmer. Hass made the throws he was asked when he was asked. The last Colts game is an example of him not being asked to do what he was capable of. He made his throws. They were just not well orchestrated, aggressive routes.  It was a bad offensive game plan from a new OC who didn't have enough job security to go out with a throw-first plan that pushes the QB to star or fail to get the D back on their heels and open it up for CJ2K to make some big bursts. Hass can still sling it downfield if the line gives him time and the 2012 line will be potential superheroes this year if they can somehow pull off a major upgrade at center. Put a fire under Palmer, let Locker stew another year and go for a deep playoff push with the vet. 

2 years, 11 months ago on Can Matt Hasselbeck Lead the Tennessee Titans to a Super Bowl?