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isn't St. Louis' mother's funeral supposed to be Saturday?

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@Josh-CK  carcillo on the ice with the extras this morning, so it looks like same lineup as gm 6.

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Very nice post Kati.

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I know he played in the NHL a bunch this year, but wouldn't this help Chris Kreider as well?  Is he not considered a prospect anymore?

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@supermaz i think only kreider and maybe miller are ready to begin next season in the NHL - the others (and perhaps Miller as well) will likely play in Hartford, maybe mid-year call-ups.

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@Melissa (blknblueshirts) Gaborik scored 40 goals a couple of years ago under Tortorella.

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Thanks Kevin, Adam, Neil and James for an essential - multiple-times-daily- stop for my on the interwebs.  Always insightful, always with a bit of a sense of humor, always informative.  Abit too reactionary at times ("we're a stanley cup contender" after a win, and "this team is terrible" after a loss), but again, by far the best there is.  And I really thank you guys for continuing to make it happen!

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obviously disappointing result. Despite being down 3-2, I thoughts the Rangers were the better team through 2 periods. Though they didn't have a good 3rd period at all - maybe they were deflated after boston's 4th goal. I would say there are a few positive to take out of the game - the power play (after the first one) was MUCH better, and they got some good movement and chances, even though they didn't score. Nash played quite well, and finally scored, which hopefully will give him some confidence. Callahan played well mostly. Hagelin was fast, almost had a goal, but a good save. Negatives - well obviously losing the game and now have to win 4 of 5 against a very good team like Boston. Girardi had a terrible game, a rare site. Bad timing though. Del Zotto continues to look lost out there. Brassard has cooled a bit the first 2 games of the series compared to the first round. Richards lost. Zuch quiet.

It may sound like sugar coating, but if Girardi plays a bit better defense on a couple of the goals, again, the Rangers did not play terrible. The Bruins didn't dominate like the OT in game 1 - the game was pretty even again, aside from the total goals.

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 @boogiepicker Only issue I have some times is when Torts gets disrespectful to the press.  You can say you won't talk about injuries, and you can answer questions to the extent you want, but don't criticize sam rosen or any other reporter because you're pissed off about the game.  there is a difference between being professional, but keeping things in the room, and just being a douchbag.

1 year, 11 months ago on Playoff Torts Starting to Re-emerge


I counted 4 Gaborik goals. :)

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Am I the only person who remembers who is the Rangers head coach?  We're talking about Torts here.  Doan will be play on each of the 4 lines, possibly during the course of the same game.

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Any update from insider sources on Michael Sauer?  The Rangers could sure use another defensemen, even with stralman coming back.   Bickel is still developing, but the playoffs last year show that Torts does't really trust him.


If Sauer is not yet close to ready when the season's start, do you think the Rangers will sign a veteran d-man on the cheap (who's out there btw?)?  or make a trade? 

2 years, 8 months ago on Nash Will Help PP; Howson Talks Trade; Rangers Not Done; Stralman & Loose Ends | July


maybe Staal?   


otherwise more plausible (if he's telling the truth), is that we're looking at MDZ, Hagelin, Miller, Dubinsky and a pick.  


2 years, 9 months ago on Columbus Not Asking for Kreider, McDonagh or Stepan | July


Just to repeat what has been already said by many here, I like the Rangers team a lot.  They were 2 games from the Finals.  Most of their core talent is young and still getting better (with more coming).  Yes, they could gladly welcome a couple of key players for improvement, but not at any price.  Hopefully the days of trading all the youth (which is now the core of their team) is over.  

2 years, 9 months ago on Whole Lot of Nothing | July