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Does the media ban also include Kiffin paramour Colin Cowherd?

12 months ago on Lane Kiffin bans media from fall practices


Good job, Ian.

 The first All-Star game I ever heard on the radio was 1950. In those days it was a very meaningful exhibition. Case in point: Ted Williams broke his elbow on the outfield wall in the top of the first inning. He stayed in the game and went 1-for-4. Now, despite Fox's claim that it counts, it has become a meaningless exhibition. No-shows. Starters getting one at-bat. Joe Buck. So I'll take a complete pass tonight on a game I used to love to follow.

1 year ago on Why are fewer fans watching the MLB All-Star Game?


James said his  ilegal SMU money was "insignificant." Let's not forget that Romney said his speaking fees one year ($374,000) didn't amount to very much.

2 years, 3 months ago on Craig James continues his impressive run of amateur campaign videos | April