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I'm broke and I crochet, but I don't crochet because I'm broke. I crochet because I am creative and find more outlets and inspiration with crochet. Using one hook I am better able to visualize where I have been and where I am going with a project. I work mostly with affordable yarns, but when I have extra cash on hand I splurge on luxury yarns. As for crochet being for the poor it is thrifty and practical in the same way that knitting is thrifty. I think any stigma associated with crochet comes more from the relative newness of crochet, first appeared in the west in the early 1800s.

2 years, 8 months ago on Is Crochet For Poor People? Olek Says So.


I've got 62 pins from the 365 ways to wear crochet


Also, Happy Birthday!!

3 years ago on The Huge “Spread The Word” Crocheter’s Dream Giveaway