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I agree with this viewpoint. There is no doubting that these over the top sanctions will hurt no one but the remaining students and faculty of this institution. All the ones jumping on board with these sanctions need to get real and fast. The NCAA set a precidence last week with these sanctions. They had no place to do so, reason? There is no one left on campus to punish. The guilty are either in prison or awaiting trials of thier own. Just punishements for the crimes will be dolled out accordingly. This report, was taken, an used against them. I can't say much because I have not read the report. I can say if the NCAA wants to react upon reports like this, it should be done in a fair manner. There should be hearings to work through a report like this, not a few peoples opinion or interpritation of it, then taking a knee jerk reaction because the NCAA feels it needs to save face. Is this not why we have trials in this country? If every crime was punishable by a police report, we'd have more jail space than homes in this country.

2 years, 9 months ago on Free Advice To Schools: Don't Ask For Outside Reviews On Scandals