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With all due respect to Arky fans, they arent going to nab a rock star in December, McGee hasnt shown any interest (yet), and I personally believe a UA job is out of Gus's comfort zone for now. I think he's be at State for several years. Bottom line is that the Arkansas job is just not that attractive. Aside from money and facilities, the difficulty of recruiting there is clearly demonstrated by Petrino's classes that averaged #30 (Rivals) in the last 4 years, and were #10 in the SEC for 2012 not including Mizzou and A&M. Petrino did a great job at talent eval, but still its an uphill battle demonstrated by losses to Bama and LSU last season yielding 80 points in the process. Its a tough job, and now its plagued by scandal the mommas and daddys arent going to forget anytime soon. The rock star aint happening.


On the subject of Tennessee, Dooley did an amazing job of salvaging that first class in only 2 weeks. He has 3 solid classes under him now, but most all Fulmer and Kiffin's guys are gone. The Vols are still young but finally have some depth to compete even though there will only be 3 seniors on the field this fall. Even with all the staff turnover Dooley has proven again he's a magician when it comes to off-field diversity, the staff has undergone a major upgrade, during the worst of times. This will be the year to find out if Dooley gets to lose his training wheels and should win 9 games or he should be shown the door. Recruiting does matter in the SEC.

3 years ago on Hogs' Long Needs To Worry About A Coach, Not Recruits