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 @JamieThornton I agree about moving to 4 pods of 4 teams each. It makes the most scheduling sense by far but it's hard to imagine that happening right away.


Arkie and Missouri will develop a healthy rivalry. Mike Anderson? Ronnie Wingo? So many Petrino jokes? Plus Missourians have a natural distaste for every state they border, with the possible exception of Iowa, which we mostly just feel sorry for. For example, I firmly believe that everyone in Arkansas is an inbred hillbilly. It doesn't matter that a big chunk of Missouri is filled with exactly the same people or that our hillbillies are better at cooking meth. I don't have to think about that part so I don't. See, I already don't like Arkansas.

2 years, 9 months ago on Was The SEC, Missouri, And Texas A&M Union A Smart Move?


The block M obviously needs to be replaced (I'm tired of explaining to my Ohio neighbors that it's black and gold, not blue and gold). And I've long since given up on the battle between "Missouri" and "Mizzou," because it's pretty clear that the latter has more currency around the country. From the information that's out there so far about the new uniforms, I don't think we'll see anything like Oregon... more like Oklahoma State or maybe Arizona State at worst. We'll know later today of course, but here's a peek:

3 years ago on Mizzou “Wants To Grab A Little Piece Of What Oregon Has Done” Uniform-wise… Ugh