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I may be wrong but I dont think Matt Hayes cares for coach Dooley much

2 years, 11 months ago on Saban's On Top Of TSN's 124 Football Coach Countdown



 Read the web site (MrSEC) jacka-- not (MrNCAA) duh

2 years, 11 months ago on Here We Go Again: As Summer Starts, Realignment Chatter Heats Up


The bad news is even if Arkansas has a really good season coach Petrino will get another job offer  and will come get most of his staff.So keep the new coach but the staff might bail at seasons end.

3 years ago on Hogs Turn To Smith; Smith Turns On Alma Mater; Some Turn On Hogs And Smith


At least he's not pointing at the previous coach and making excuses like the barn still blaming Tubbs 

3 years ago on Muschamp Defends Meyer At UF, But We're Not Buying His Argument


Sunseri's a good coach and his son isa good player  roll tide.

3 years ago on UT’s Sunseri Prepared To Go To Bat For Bama’s Sunseri


I would just like to add that you could use that photo in schools to teach abstenence.

3 years ago on USC's Spurrier Needs To Stop Whining About Scheduling