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Have you guys seen the new jersey that Mizzou is going to wear this Saturday? This is what Head Coach Gary Pinkel posted on his webpage just last night. I hope this helps to keep you updated.

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 @MizSec1911 The 70's were not the worst decade in Mizzou Football history. The bad years are from 1983-1996. During that time Mizzou didn't go to a bowl game or even have a 6 win season. From 1958-1970 the numbers were on the helmet and then in 1971 Al Onofrio  put the M on the helmet that mimicked the likes of Nebraska. By the way it's Coach Gary Pinkel.

I do agree that people will be upset but you are right that now is the time to change if you going to, but they aren't re-branding the program. We have had the Oval Tiger head thing since 1996 and we have been using Mizzou as a name for some time.  This is a chance to solidify the gold color that Mizzou uses and to get every sports team in to the Nike camp. Before softball and baseball were with a different company and we have had nearly 16 shades of gold in our uniforms. 

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