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@ElissaFreeman Sometimes you ask if there's anything else simply to make sure a talking point is covered. Sometimes the interview is about something a reporter is not an expert on (to say the least) and it's a way to ask a question they didn't know they should ask.  But, yeah, if you don't have anything left to say it's best to shut up. 

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There is some really good advice here, but I take issue with your cavalier statement that "Today, journalists are just as keen to receive contributed content as they are to interview someone for a story." Perhaps it's a question of definition: in my version, those who make use of "contributed content" are not journalists or at the least are not doing their jobs properly.  In fact, virtually every news organization has rules governing use of handout or provided content - or whatever other name you want to come up with - that restrict the use without identification. In my 27 years at NBC we were never allowed to use such content. 

Who are these "journalists" allegedly eating from your hand?

I'm not questioning the credibility of Ms. Dietrich or any of her clients. I am questioning the credibility of anyone who takes material handed to them and calls it news.  That includes pay for play. 

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I'd be interested to know the demographic breakdown.  We were out shooting a story yesterday about holiday layaway and took the opportunity to quiz retail employees on their mobile habits.  Do their own stores reach them as customers?

25-year-old assistant manager of a big box explained how he doesn't watch tv, thinks Facebook is for his parents, and listens to satellite radio in his truck.  The way he is reached as a customer: via email, viewed on his phone.

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thank you for finally saying something that makes sense on this topic

3 years ago on It’s Time to Stop Talking About the Death of Big Media