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I wouldn't particularly call Gracenote a startup since it has been owned by Sony since about 2008.

1 year, 8 months ago on Why Gracenote invented a Shazam-esque Live Music technology just for a hackathon


Life time Bay Area resident, prior to college, lived in the east bay, now a south bay resident and work at home or on the peninsula.

If you live and work in SF, you have little excuse to complain about the BART strike.  Yes, it is inconvenient, but get out a bit early and bike or walk.  SF is 49 square miles, 7 by 7.  Weather this last week has been amazing.  Sorry, but the bulk of those who live/work the city have no excuse to complain "oh noes, it is a hardship due to a transit strike".

If you are outside the city, I fully understand the pain.  BART employees nor management aren't innocent, but complaining about a transit strike in an area where most people are generally close to work?

A bit of an echo chamber.

1 year, 9 months ago on And you thought SF cabs were bad? BART strike is crippling fledgling mid-market tech corridor


 bgoldberg Todd Dunning Bryan - As a life long Bay Area resident, I've been wondering how "involved" those that come here for the technology community invest their time in understanding the communities they are apart of.

I don't mean going to concerts, restaurants, and the like.  But caring about community issues, getting involved, looking beyond the confines of their offices with catered meals and the like.  

It sometimes feels like the cultural impact of the tech scene is similar to that of students in a college town, maybe with a bit more money.

2 years, 3 months ago on Thank God for San Francisco’s gay community


Pando has been pretty harsh on MSFT the last couple of weeks, and on some I've disagreed. Farhad is making a great argument for MSFT's diving into hardware with the Surface, and I'm happy to see a positive MSFT piece.  But, let's wait and see if the hardware delivers.


On the topic of the MacBook Air's touch pad...all the items brought up in the article, I just don't think about anymore.  One finger pointer movement, two finger scrolling, three finger desktop management, I really don't even pay attention at this point.  Brilliance in pointing out just how simple and ignorant one is about the movements they make on their macs...

2 years, 10 months ago on Why Does Every PC Notebook’s Trackpad Suck? (Or Why Microsoft Is Building its Own Hardware)


 @paulcarr Good thing your name isn't Desi Arnaz...

2 years, 10 months ago on Our Email Sounded Awful… But We’re Good Guys: Showwatcher CEO Responds To My Criticisms


 @paulcarr It is a downer that Sarah can't use her costume @ the party, but it would make for an interesting twist while interviewing Ben Horowitz this week...

2 years, 10 months ago on [WITN?] Don’t Let Her Eat Cake: Sarah’s Disclosure Gets Her Banned From David Sacks’ Epic Birthday Party


 @elicolner I keep a Diet Coke stash in my car.  Coke Zero is an ok substitute now and then.  But, we need to encourage more Paul rants rather than fewer.  I find them entertaining.

2 years, 10 months ago on Tickets for PandoMonthly SF with Ben Horowitz are on Sale NOW!


 @sarahlacy Sarah - Of the last three events, it seems like people are going in and sitting sooner than milling about with others.  So, sitting does make it harder to network/mingle.  But, I'm not really sure what can be done about people wanting to get a decent seat.


At the second PandoMonthly, it was easy enough to wander in about 15-20min before you started and get a seat.  For Peter and Dustin, it was already standing room only at that point.

2 years, 10 months ago on Tickets for PandoMonthly SF with Ben Horowitz are on Sale NOW!


I think my two out takes of this article are: 1) people should be judged on their merits, not their gender. 2) the workplace benefits from a diversity of backgrounds, genders, and experiences. I've worked at places with predominantly all male sales teams that reminded me of a frat house. I've heard the stories a friend tells of working at a tech company where the management is all women - it too has its own set of issues. Diversity provides benefits.

2 years, 11 months ago on It’s Time to Stop Talking About Women in Tech


 @mcarney7  @sarahlacy The term Silicon Beach was applied to Santa Cruz in the late 90s before it was to LA.  Just saying... :)

3 years ago on There’s Room for More Than One Startup Ecosystem


 @nathanielmott Nathan - maybe she will gift you all with an old selectric, a funny looking hat, a note pad and pen (oh, and coffee).  You are writing after all?  :)


That said, how and why something has been made faster or improved depends on the problem domain.  For instance, a few years back everyone joked about the Twitter fail whale.  It was obvious that the system was down because of the page that was thrown up.  People were happy/took note when this was no longer the case.  It was noticed.  Less noticeable now, Twitter carries significantly more traffic than back then and rarely goes down.  This is certainly in the class of an "improvement" that isn't noticed.  The "HOW" you mentioned was outlined in some of their architectural/redesign discussions.


A lot of times, the most noticeable backend advancements are during these obvious times when things aren't working.  If they are and people aren't interrupted, they don't notice/case.

3 years ago on Back-End Engineers Are the Unsung Heroes of the Tech Industry