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Shouldn't there be at least some value placed on non-revenue sports?  Given the attendance, at least a couple people care about Tennessee women's b-ball or LSU baseball.  You could certainly factor them down (baseball success = 80% of basketball / track success is 25% / equestrian = 1%; etc.) but I do think it's relevant wen discussing program-wide success.

2 years ago on Which SEC Fans Had The Best 2012-13? We Rank ‘Em


So Bama has players arrested for mugging people, an Auburn guy makes a relatively harmless joke about it, and the Aurburn guy is classless?  Nice skewed priorities with the Bama fan base.


If Robert Horry had made a joke about Cam Newton's dad a couple of years ago, this same guy would find it hillarious.

2 years, 2 months ago on Charles Barkley Takes Shot At Alabama: “I Got Mugged In Tuscaloosa”