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I am actually more upset with USA cycling, that they would let Austin host this event without guarantees that it would take place no matter the conditions.  Like xccyles says one thing if for rider safety, road race in the a lighting storm etc.  Part of the budget of CX races especially those on public land is to reseed the property.  

3 months, 1 week ago on BREAKING: 2015 Austin Cyclocross National Championships’ Sunday Racing Cancelled, Monday Schedule Released


Will it be on demand in the morning with no results?


2 years, 7 months ago on CrossVegas 2012 – Live Webcast Feed On


I  have been riding them since December.  On a KenesisUK CrossDisc frame.  The frame is ok, but really liked the ride of my Aluminium Giant TCX 1 better(it was stolen)  So thinking to use this frame for a bit then move to a different one.

3 years ago on Stu Thorne Talks Back About Disc Brakes