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I actually thought Vanderbilt's bowl turnout was pretty impressive last season in the context of how poorly bowls were attended nationwide and probably was among the top few in the SEC bowls. Off the top of my head, Florida and Mississippi State had embarrassingly bad fan representation. Florida's reputation prevents that from mattering for them moving forward, but I bet the folks at the Gator Bowl came out of bowl season wishing they had invited the better team rather than the "better" fan base.

2 years ago on Music City Bowl Numbers Could Adversely Impact Vandy’s Future Bowl Chances


As an American, I hope you're not a math teacher. The percentages he assigned are mathematically impossible, and Alabama and Arkansas provide the clear example. Since they play each other, their percentages are not independent of each other. Their percentages should add up to less than 100%, to account for the possibility they could lose to another opponent. So, if you think Arkansas has a 30% chance of beating Alabama, then Arkansas would have a <30% chance of being remaining undefeated and Alabama would have a <70% chance.

2 years, 7 months ago on The SEC’s Best Bets For Undefeated Septembers


I doubt it'd happen, but they could get creative and work out a rotation where one bowl would get the SEC-Big 12 matchup and the other bowl would get a national semifinal game, and they'd swap back and forth each year.

2 years, 11 months ago on SEC And Big 12 Agree To New Bowl, But What Else Does It Mean? And For Whom?


That's a worthwhile point about taking it slow, but the move to the SEC isn't the only factor here. The demand for tickets is also increasing naturally because A&M has a huge alumni base that is probably the fastest growing in the SEC and possibly the country. A&M and Florida have enrollments that dwarf all other SEC universities. According to the numbers on the Wikipedia SEC page, A&M has more students than UT and Auburn combined, for example. Also, A&M is only a couple generations removed from being an all-male, all-military school, at which time it had under 10,000 students.  So, every new alumni class is not only bigger than those of most other schools in the U.S., it's also replacing the much smaller classes that are dying off. When that natural decrease in demand is combined with the increased demand for visiting SEC fan bases, it makes a lot of sense to explore the options for expansion.

3 years ago on A&M Might Build A New Stadium Due To SEC Move