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@Gold430  were that TJ's was the only ones with the vast list of "hidden" sources of MSG...come on, those items are in every store in the country, so why do you single them out?  Can you make terrible choices at TJ's? Of course. Can you make terrible choices at any grocery? Yep...

So I guess we all just need to garden and shop locally....*wish*... :)

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F'ing Boulder! Only Boulder - where I went to school and lived for 5 years (grew up in the area too) - could raise self pretentiousness to high art. TJ is great and, though it took me a few months to learn how to shop there, is a solid option for about 80% of my shopping. Decent prices (hello Whole Foods!), good taste, good quality. Everyone in Boulder who's all gung-ho about what they put in their bodies should probably recognize that the damage was done long before they found salvation. I think the 1000 McDonalds hamburgers you ate as kids probably sealed your deal anyway. No single track, too many white folks, and a serious case of "we're so cool" - oh Boulder how I miss thee...not

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