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I ran this deck to beat Faerlina on normal (didn't have access to Eggs yet, so Shieldbearers were still in there soaking her hero power) and really enjoyed it. Will be testing in ranked this weekend. 

Hope the Young Priestess doesn't buff Eggs, though. 

9 months ago on Hearthstone: Post Naxx Warlock Zoo Deck


The iLvl required to get into LFR is adequate for all but the hardest hardmodes.  You recall that many of us raided in mixed greens & blues at the start of every expansion but MoP, the iLvl is a crutch.  The fight's players are faced with require typically less than 75% of the gear potency required to enter the battle, so even being a full tier behind, the challenge is not insurmountable. 

Now, when it comes to fight experience, that certainly is something that can't be rushed, and that may be what's holding a group back from a few kills when you're bringing in rookies, but truly that's when it falls to the rest of the team to execute. Sometimes Gretzky had to play extra hard because of a replacement line-mate.  It happens. 

1 year, 8 months ago on Never Ending Gearing Cycle


Could say that Bob only lived because he ran into these problems very early on, and the well hadn't hit groundwater yet.  Had it been an existing well, even a well of much renown that had supported the area villagers for years, Bob would have drowned. 

1 year, 9 months ago on Guest Post: It’s Okay to be an Ass


So damn busy!

1 year, 10 months ago on 21 Things You Don’t Hear in Raid Finder


additions to the list:

- if you can't recruit

- if you don't know the GM's goals

- if you do know the goals but don't think they are right/enough/too much/murloc

- if you don't know how to wear the black hat and still be effective

- if you think the raiders are your friends

1 year, 12 months ago on You Shouldn’t be an Officer


Did you know your RSS closing still says "Check out the Matticast"?

2 years, 2 months ago on The Pro Sports Team Guide to Recruiting


Guilds that jump from 10 to 25: Ceraphus's guild <PoN> does this every expac because they don't enforce or encourage their raiders to level up quickly.  I believe he's discussed this on The Sundering before where his raiders take weeks & months to be ready for the first tier, then want to immediately jump into the second tier upon release, without the benefit of the farmed gear, or even finishing current tier normal progression. 

I think Ted hits it right on the head in his counter to Darthkeller. Plainly put, we've lost players who couldn't cut it in 25s and they went on to full clears in 10s.  Perhaps the environment rejuvenated them, but more likely the logistics of the fights better fit their skill set. The other thing I've heard from honest 10-man leaders is "it's not that we're good, just that we're consistent".  A 10-man can be just 10 people, a 25 is usually around 30+ raiders to accommodate schedules, etc. I only bring this up because I agree with Moeshe's point in his response to the official forums; that having the gear itself be thunderforged instead of dropping an item like the crystallized upgrade deal in Firelands means that progression-minded raids will keep their starting line-up in on farm because of the slight chance that gear they need could drop.  It will also mean that off-sets are build at a slower pace as thunderforged gear is not supplimental to the normal set of drops (the boss still only drops 6 pieces, not a 7th piece), and clearly the thunderforged would go to a main spec upgrading those few ilvls versus an off-tank or tank-dps, etc. 

My suggestion: Give 25's the higher ilvl gear we got in WotLK, and compensate 10s by giving them 3-day lock-outs.  

2 years, 2 months ago on Thunderforged: Will it Breathe Life into 25 mans?


@amkosh I think your take would be better suited if we were discussing gear that was similar but had different designs or different applications, such as two pairs of shoulders with equal ilvl, one available from raid bosses and another available from rep content and then it was up to the player to decide which they were going after.  

Unfortunately, in some cases we're looking at gear that was clearly intended to be either stop-gap or completely complimentary to gear that drops from raid bosses, and thus funnels the raiders over to the other style of play. 

I actually would have been fine with rep requirements to buy loot, but not having to earn valor from dailies.  That way, I'd only have to do dailies for factions that I was either interested in or going to benefit from later on. 

2 years, 6 months ago on Dailies and Valor: Almost Out of the Woods


Congrats on 5 Years.  Maybe as a special gift I'll finally get around to writing more "Tough Call" columns and give you a day off once in a while. 

The thing I'm most looking forward to in MoP is the day Conquest recruits another fantastic healing priest to compliment me, and we get to read posts on WoM about what it's like to try to get back off the bench from Matt's prespective. 

2 years, 8 months ago on 5 Year Blogiversary (And beta keys for you)


You forgot "Blizz will release (patch/expac/raid X) on (date) to counter-act the release of (competitor Y)".  After years of never having cared when competitors were releasing, I still see these assurances made in tweets all the time.

2 years, 8 months ago on Things You Learn About Blizzard by Reading Forums, Comments, and Blogs


Using your example, I'd point out that Phelps & Co probably also made plans to stay in a hotel adjacent to the aquatics center the night before the race, not make excuses about how long their commute was from out of town because they couldn't be bothered to prepare accordingly.  

I'm sure it seems like whining for whining's sake, really it's just another delay on new raid content when we're all burnt out following the longest period of time per bosses available without new content.  Also, listing off the non-raid activities doesn't make me want to play then anymore. It's like going to the market to stock up on beer and the guy says "well, we can't sell you beer for another week, but in the meantime, why not check out all those vegetables you've been missing out on?".  Nobody has ever made that choice and I don't see me thinking "oh yay, I love the gift of time!".  If that was really a valid argument, turn those features live now with 5.0 patch pre-MoP launch. 

In the end, we'll still seem the same guilds surge to the top, because they're good at raiding.  Nobody who's achieved high rankings in the past will suddenly be "out-played" by other guilds due to a delayed raid start.  Afterall, you get a "level playing field" every other raid tier launch.

2 years, 8 months ago on Staggered Raiding with Swagger


What the heck.  This is one of the best posts Matt's written in a while, tells a great story with actionable tips for players looking to move into a more progressed guild (or players who may be dejected from a recent denial), and yet nobody has commented on this?



2 years, 9 months ago on The Story of Dobby – The Resto Shaman Who Could


If you're going to consider Lolwell to be a cooldown, then PoM is up there, too. 

2 years, 9 months ago on Discipline: The Cooldown Spec


 @Rilandune I'd have to ask if your guild is really "pressured" to level to get to raiding, or if that's truly what they prefer.  If it's a non-progression raid, it's counter-intuitive but still likely that they may prefer being in raid over leveling. I don't really like questing, though I do go slower and take in the content on my alts; I suppose I have difference purposes for different toons. Give me 2 extra weeks and it'll be just like in school, I'll work on that project the night before it's due.


Also, I still believe it's a fallacy that anyone needs to "gear through heroics" or otherwise gear-up for raiding.  Sure, extra gear adds an extra margin of error on progression attempts, but at the launch of both Cata & Wrath I hit raids the first week in mixed greens & blues and either held my own or lead the group. 5-mans are great if you have the time, but I don't think they are something that you need to budget for.

2 years, 9 months ago on Idea: Release Mists with No Raids?


I like this idea but not for the reasons indicated in the post.  If you think that leveling time and gearing-up time is really what keeps your guild from the kind of progression accomplished by a Top 50 guild, you're seriously naive.  If you don't have time to level the day or week of release, how much time will you have to raid the day raids come out? And how many hours/attempts does it usually take your guild to down a boss?  At the average rate of server progression, any guild that can clear raid content rapidly enough to compete wouldn't need a two-week buffer.


That said, I do agree with the ideas CaerMorrighan pointed out; ship the expansion without raids, and give us the rest of the content first.  Mainly I'd love it because the opportunity to level to 90 would get us out of DS, and at least break the monotony earlier.  The only problem is, the content I'd be consuming at launch in place of raiding is what I'd normally use to not get bored with the game while waiting for the next raid tier to come out.  So basically once you start this cycle, you have to keep it going.

2 years, 9 months ago on Idea: Release Mists with No Raids?