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As both a cynical jerk on twitter and a marketing degree graduate (yea I know they pretty much contradict), honestly this ad is both great and awful at the same time. People who lap this stuff up (i.e. people who are farmers, chevy owners, country music fans, etc) will love this commercial. People who don't love that stuff will hate a 3 1/2 min commercial. Unfortunately you can't please everyone. Chevy is obviously targeting the former segment at the expense of the latter (who is primarily the "louder" of the two on twitter) and is relying on the fact that they may be able to steal some of the ford/toyota/nissan/etc truck people who otherwise fit into the first segment now or in the future for sales.

Honestly, they pretty much took the "Like A Rock" Chevy commercials from the 90s and gave them an emotional upgrade by adding an appeal to fathers everywhere, regardless of whether you're a truck owner or not.

1 year, 9 months ago on Sound Off: Viewers react to Chevy's 3.5 minute Home Run Derby commercial


That was really good. Please do more in the future

2 years, 1 month ago on Red Wings on Facebook: Pav's Computer


From here on out I'm going to envision Babcock celebrating every single win by smashing Kindl's head with a PBR can. Words cannot accurate describe how hilarious that visual is.

2 years, 6 months ago on Lockout Therapy: Game 2 DET vs BUF


im drinking cheap beer. started w/ a 12 pack of icehouse during the game, now moving to several 40s of king cobra. gotta love a college budget.

3 years ago on Pour Me Some Whiskey: Our Season is Over | April


very nice touch using the retired numbers for the tips instead of just straight numbering.

3 years ago on Playoff Stress and You | April