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@jeffleehood @leadership    If you agree with  rational discussion,  cost vs benefit and  horrors....., mass transport, then how are you a wing nut?   (Freedoms / guns don't count).    Unless you bomb clinics???>..... l=(

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@Jon from Milwaukee  Typical right wing nut.  $5 is not $8 million.   University pays is not same as taxpayer pays.   Taxpayers pay for the Roads,    80 million riders / 120M upfront cost,  $1.50 per ride for capital cost.

Seams reasonable to me.   The potholed excuse for a road outside my office cost $7 million dollars, per lane, per mile.   It is mostly broken by heavy trucks, who pay fairly little.   The gas tax is so little, it can't even pay for repairs.

I'd love this in my city.!!  

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