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A lot of people in this thread seem to think the NCAA should have just stood by and done nothing.  Maybe you think the NCAA shouldn't exist at all, and maybe your right, but if it IS going to exist, it HAD to do something here.  How could they stand by and say "not our job" to the single largest scandal in the history of the industry (and I mean industry), when at the same time the are running around suspending kids for selling jerseys or coaches for making too many text messages during the month of whatever.  


An argument for the NCAA doing nothing is in my mind an argument for saying they shouldn't exist at all.  All the "slippery slope" fears went out the window when PSU signed the consent order.  Which is not to say there won't be questions down the line.  But here the offending party conceded all the facts, admitted liability, and agreed to the punishment beforehand.  No school with any leg to stand on will never lay down like that unless they have done something historically heinous.   

2 years, 8 months ago on The NCAA Is About To Make A Big Mistake With Penn State


So, Bobby Petrino's available....


Doesn't he own land in Knox County??

2 years, 11 months ago on Report: Arkansas Has Fired Bobby Petrino