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 @projectspurs Crawford, Smith or Barbosa would be a realistic wishlist.  Those guys are scorers and that is exactly what we need.

2 years, 10 months ago on Free agents that might fit with Spurs (Part 1) | June


I expect Kobe and the Lakers will lose in the 2nd round. 

3 years ago on Kobe Bryant expects Lakers to win NBA title | April


A healthy big three is key to our 5th title.  Anytime we can rest them is a good thing.  Once the playoffs start they will play every game.  At this point Ill take the #1 or 2 seed and take my chances with a healthy roster.  Last year we hobbled in and had an early exit.  Good job POP.

3 years ago on Video: ESPN wrestles with Pop's decision to rest the 'Big 3' | April


I don't care if he plays or not I just want to beat them three times this month.

3 years ago on Bryant doubtful for game vs. Spurs | April


Insult would be having the starting five in up by 20 late in the fourth.  Milsap, just be glad we didn't humiliate your team two nights in a row.  We played full strength the first night and then rest our 3 main players and only lose by 7pts.  

3 years ago on Millsap insulted Spurs' 'Big 3' did not play | April


The key to beating OKC will be slowing down Westbrook and Durant.  I don't think Perkins and Ibaka are going to outplay Duncan and Splitter.  Spurs defense is much better than it was a year ago.  I think the overall philosophy has changed from last year to more of a defensive minded team.  OKC will be a very good series, but I think the Spurs have much better depth overall.  Also noone is mentioning Diaw when talking about big men, I think he has come along nicely as well.  

3 years ago on Video: ESPN's Jalen Rose has doubts about the Spurs | April